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Similar Personalities Shares the Best and Happy Relationship

It is often believed by most of the people that those with similar mindsets and personalities are attracted towards each other and get into a relationship hoping it will be happy and blooming. However this is a misconception among people. This is because it is not the mentality of the people that brings the together. Since individuality is the most important aspect of human race, no one can be similar in the world in all the ways. You cannot find a carbon copy of yourself unless cloned technically.

Couple Dating

There are those people who may walk hand in hand but then there will be some aspects where they will beg to differ. Such as, people who have similar tastes in food may have different opinions about the political system. Being similar is a vague concept in itself and this is because if two people will be similar to each other in all aspects and attitude then the individuality concept is absolutely meaningless. Also there is a popular saying, Opposites attract and this is not only true in case of science but also human nature.

Love Rules in any Relationship

Another myth that is extremely common among people across the world is that love is everything in a relationship. People believe that their relationship circles around love and love is the essential part of a happy relationship. Though it is correct that love is an important part of a relationship otherwise so many love songs wouldn’t have been written and all those poems and phrases wouldn’t have been made. However there other crucial parts that makes up a complete relationship and love is just a part of it. Relationships begin with a simple attraction towards each other and develop itself with love. However, it doesn’t complete your relationship. There are other things like obligations towards your partner and his family, responsibilities to own him and his family, compromises, dedication, adjustments, sacrifices, patience, respect and heaps more. A long term relationship is based on the complete package and not just love. Though love is an essential background for all these factors however, it is said the love fades. So if you feel your love is dying then other factors takes precedence for a happy future and rekindle the lost love.